Questions & Answers

Do you stock animal feed?

Yes, We stock a wide range of brands these include: Baileys, Blue Grass, Dengie, Topspec, Equerry, Badminton Grass Nuts

Do you sell second hand saddles; would you sell mine?

Yes, we have a variety of second hand saddles in stock and happily try our best to sell second hand saddles.

Do you sell haylage and shavings?

Yes, we currently have in stock Dooneen Haylage and dust extracted shavings.

What feed would be best for my older pony?

We recommend a senior mix e.g. Baileys Senior Mix or a mash e.g Equerry Mash which ARE very popular.

Can you order in a product if you don't stock it?

Yes, we try our best to source specific products for our customers.

How do I know if this bit will fit my horse/pony?

We recommend you bring your current bit in store or measure it at home before coming.

Horse Health Care

Extreme Weather

Unless it is very wet and windy, horses tolerate cold much better than heat and humidity. If they can’t sweat, they can’t get rid of heat buildup in their bodies. If the sum of the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit and the relative humidity in percentage is over 130, you should be cautious about exercising your horse. If it is over 150, you should probably rest in the shade, and if it is over 180, most horses should not work at all.