What's in Store!

We have a wide range of products in store but these are some of our popular items at the moment.

Brogini Como

This classic styled boot features a genuine leather foot and specially designed synthetic leather calf (inner calf leather). This innovative fabric is designed with a 3D stretch which grips and contours the leg without being restrictive. The heel features two rubber spur studs and the bottom of the zip is protected by a press button spur-guard.

Price £110.00

Hy Denim Diamante Breech

Featuring a full leather seat for comfort and security in the saddle.

Price £59.99

Champion Pro Plus Junior Skull

A lightweight skull with a three-point harness and quick release clip. Approved to standard.

Price £49.99

Lincoln Superior Leather Balsam

High quality balsam. Will nourish and protect the leather naturally.

Price £10.99
Free sponge included!!


What do we stock?

We stock both traditional & modern from the following manufacturers. We also supply animal feed and bedding at very competitive prices.

What about other animals?

We also supply treats, bedding and feed for other animals such as Dogs, Hens, Pigs and Goats giving you complete peace of mind that you will get some of the deals prices around.

Horse Health Care

Tip about teeth

Horses' teeth grow continuously. Uneven wear can lead to sharp points and edges that cause pain and difficulty chewing. A horse's teeth should be checked once or twice a year and "floated" (to make them smoother) by a veterinarian or well-trained equine dentist as needed. Dental problems, from painful points to rotting teeth, may cause difficulty chewing or "quidding," which occurs when food falls out of the mouth. Other signs of dental disease may include foul breath, undigested hay in the stools or discomfort from the bit or noseband. Dental disease can lead to choke, colic and weight loss.